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 Policemen and Criminals Rules

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PostSubject: Policemen and Criminals Rules   Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:28 pm

If you want to be a Criminal, a Policeman or create an Organization, you must be at least level 2.


-Criminals: They can't return to their home Village without a disguise or fighting a Policeman (If you don't have a disguise) Their houses are destroyed when they leave the Village.

-Policeman: They must fight Criminals every time they enter a Village or before each duels.

-Organization: Criminals can join any Criminal Organization and Policeman any Police Organization.

-Organization*: Anyone can join any Organization, they can have specific goals. (Like developping new Weapons, new Techniques, etc. You only need to work on this project and I will tell you if a new "Weapon, Techniques or else)
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Policemen and Criminals Rules
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